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Buy here pay here dealerships

You might have come across the termbuy here pay here dealership and wondered what it really means. Well, this is especially important for you to understand when you want to purchase a vehicle.

Buy here pay here dealerships may seem to be a good option for many.

WowLoans offers the best services as far as car financing and auto loans are concerned. We also offer these services at an affordable rate. We offer auto financing to people with bad credit at a rate that they can afford as compared to other buy here pay here dealerships.


Buy Here Pay Here

All you should know about buy here pay here 

In simple terms, buy here pay here dealerships specialize in selling cars and also providing financing for the same. BUY HERE PAY HERE dealers work the same way as banks. They give a chance for people with bad credit to own a car.

Bad credit, according to the National Credit Reporting Association, refers to a credit score that is too low for a consumer to afford financing options.

If you have a credit score of below 600, then this is considered as bad credit.  WowLoans is one of the best car financing providers to work with.

For one, we do not consider your credit score when making lending decisions. We offer better services as compared to the traditional BUY HERE PAY HERE dealers.  If you benefit from our auto financing services, the payments will be made directly to a third party and not us. This is what makes us different from other BUY HERE PAY HERE dealerships.

The benefits and downsides of BUY HERE PAY HERE dealers

Most BUY HERE PAY HERE dealers offer very attractive services. They can especially attract people who have exhausted all the other financing platforms. 

They make it easy for people to own a car and finance it as well. But even with all these benefits, there are many things that you have to put into consideration before committing to a BUY HERE PAY HERE dealer.  

So what exactly are the pros and cons of BUY HERE PAY HERE dealerships? This article will educate you on everything there is to know about BUY HERE PAY HERE dealers.

The benefits of BUY HERE PAY HERE dealers

People with bad credit can qualify

Most BUY HERE PAY HERE dealerships sell cars to people with less than stellar credit. As a matter of fact, the dealers advertise themselves as ‘bad credit car loans’ or ‘bad credit? No problem’

Easy to use

WowLoans gives you an option to own a car and financing it at the same time. It is also easy for you to make car payments.

It is especially difficult for people with vehicle repossession and bankruptcy history to buy and refinance a vehicle. Since this can negatively impact your credit score, it can be tough to qualify for car financing from traditional dealerships.

With limited options available for such consumers, BUY HERE PAY HERE dealerships makes the process easier for them.

Down payment is not a must

At WowLoans, you can qualify for car financing even without making a down payment. If there is a down payment to be made, BUY HERE PAY HERE dealerships can allow an amount as low as $500 as down payment.


Pay Here Pay Here Down Payment

Downsides of BUY HERE PAY HERE dealerships

High interest rate

BUY HERE PAY HERE dealerships charge high interest as compared to banks and credit unions.  The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau can advise you on the best options to consider when you want to finance a vehicle, but they won’t fail to explain the high interest rate offered by BUY HERE PAY HERE dealers.

You can borrow more than you need

 Usually, the maximum amount that you can borrow will depend on the vehicle’s value. But with buy here pay here dealers, you can qualify for more amount.

Subsequently, you may end up paying more than your cars worth, which is important that you take caution when going for buy here pay here financing.

Your credit score may be affected

Paying an auto loan on time can be of great benefit. For one, timely payments can help boost your credit score. But this is not the case when you miss a payment.

If this happens, you may notice a drop on your credit score.  What you need to know is that not all BUY HERE PAY HERE dealers report consumers’ information to the credit reporting agencies.  That said, you can only see an increase or drop in your credit score if the BUY HERE PAY HERE dealer reports your credit behaviour.

A tracking device may be installed

If you have bad credit, then one thing is clear; you either paid late or defaulted on past loans.

 Just like other lenders, this can also send a negative message to the BUY HERE PAY HERE dealer. This is the reason why most of them take extra precautions.

For instance, a buy here pay here dealer can decide to install your car with a tracking device.  If you miss one payment or completely fail to pay, the car will not start and this makes it easier for the dealer to repossess.

  These are the main advantages and disadvantages associated with buy here pay here dealerships.  After considering these important factors, the next question will be

Where can I purchase a vehicle with bad credit?

Many lenders are out there who are more than willing to finance your vehicle.  WowLoans is one of the top auto loans and car financing companies in the United States.  We have specialized in working with consumers with bad credit and those with a bankruptcy history can also apply.

Where can I apply?

The most fascinating thing about our auto loans is that you can apply from any location; it can be inside your car, at home, in the workplace or any other place. 

Can you guaranteed me a loan?

With us, you can be guaranteed an auto loan in a matter of minutes if you are approved via our form! Our auto loans are designed to meet your needs. Once you are pre-approved for car financing, you are only a step closer to owning the car of your dreams.

Knowing how much you can qualify for before choosing the vehicle is definitely worth it.  This will also give you an idea of the interest rate as well as the loan term.

WowLoans offers these services for you to have enough time to negotiate on terms that suit you best.  WowLoans makes the car buying process easier.

If you wish to purchase a car through us, we have simplified this process for you.  We offer terms that are easy for you to meet and you can also get the chance to drive away your car on the same day of refinancing.

WowLoans is here to help you understand how auto loans with bad credit work and how you can use our services to own a vehicle with ease.

Who does Wowloans work with?

We work with a wide range of dealers which makes it easier to choose a car model that needs your budget and standards.  All our vehicles have clear titles. We can also help you choose other deals with the use of a dealer locator.

This guide has helped you understand the important things you need to know about auto loans and car financing.  This will make it easier for you to buy a vehicle with assistance from WowLoans. All our past customers trust us and commend us for the work we do. 

You can also count on us if you require any form of credit. We will help you understand everything there is to know about BUY HERE PAY HERE dealership and whether it is the best option for you depending on your financial situation.

Getting car financing from WowLoans is a smooth and straightforward process.  So if you intend to seek car financing services from a BUY HERE PAY HERE dealership, do not shy away from working with top providers like us.

Don’t waste this chance!

Contact WowLoans today for all your car financing and auto loan needs.