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    Guaranteed instant approval decision

    As you send your loan request, the lender will process it in no time with no hard credit checks, no faxing of documents, no extra paperwork.

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    Quick funding on the same day

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    Competitive rates with no hidden fees

    You repay the loan with a fixed interest rate. There’re no extra charges or fees.

Cover All Your Urgent Expenses with Quick Online Loans

When emergency happens, don’t waste time, apply for the necessary loan amount online in a few clicks and solve any problems within several hours. Online loans are designed to help those in need get instant financing. WowLoans offers a simple application you can complete from any device with the Internet connection. Once completed, it’s sent to the best direct lender for verification. There’s no paperwork or faxing done, no credit check required. It guarantees a fast and easy process. Even borrowers with bad credit get the funds once they meet some basic eligibility criteria.

Get the Loan Online in 3 Easy Steps

No matter which type of online loan you choose to apply for, you can do it 100% online and it won’t take you longer than 10 minutes. Just follow 3 simple steps:

  1. Complete the loan request form online – enter your personal details, loan amount, contact information and bank account for the money transfer.
  2. Get instant approval decision with the loan amount, rates and terms you can account on.
  3. Receive the money with a direct deposit to your account within 24 hours since approval.

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How much does it cost?

The total cost of any loan is determined by its APR, interest rate, amount and term. The APR (or Annual Percentage Rate) is the interest charged for using certain loan amount for the term of one year. The longer the repayment term is, the more interest you are going to pay.

Besides, you need to remember that bad credit can increase the cost of a loan. The worse it is, the higher the interest will be as the lender needs to cover the risks.

Anyway, it’s recommended to use online loan calculator to check your rates before borrowing the money. You must know how much you will need to pay and when. It will help you to plan the budget and pay off the loan on time.

How to Qualify?

Creating the requirements for online loans lenders first of all must follow the states’ regulations and secondly their own privacy policy and terms of use. In most cases, the eligibility criteria are rather simple and come down to the following:

  • Minimum 18 years of age
  • Active banking account
  • Income proof
  • Permanent address in the US
  • Contact phone number and email

How to Get the Funding Fast with Wowloans

  1. Once you’ve chosen to take out an online loan, start with completing a simple application form on  Fill out the Loan Request in minutes from the comfort of your home. Mo driving or visiting a loan place is required.
  2. Get instant offer from the best direct lender that will provide you with the most convenient terms and lowest rates to fit your needs.
  3. If the loan details suit you, sign the agreement and the job is done.
  4. Get the financing deposited directly to your account same day after approval.

Why Apply With Wowloans?

Wow loans can help you cover any urgent expenses and get instant cash for the necessary financial needs. Consider all the advantages can offer to its customers.

  • Easy online application process accessible 24/7
  • Instant approval decision within minutes
  • No credit check requirements
  • Quick same day financing
  • Availability even to bad credit borrowers


Can you have several loans at Wowloans?

No. Wowloans provides only one active loan at a time. Applying for another one is possible only after the previous one has been paid off.

What are the reasons for the rejection of the application by Wowloans?

In most cases, the application is rejected due to incorrect entry of data at registration, especially information from the ID card. It may also be due to the use of a joint bank account. Verification should be made from the personal account, containing the same information as the ID card. In exceptional cases, Wowloans may refuse to grant funding if the applicant does not demonstrate the ability to repay the loan or is currently in debt.

Will I get a loan at Wowloans during the weekend / holiday?

You can apply for funding from Wowloans even on holidays. However, the money will appear in the user’s account after the bank has credited it, which may cause difficulties with collection on the weekend or on holidays.

Will the unpaid personal loan at Wowloans go to court and when?

Loan cases are brought to court after several months of delay in repayment, when the lender loses confidence in the possibility or intention of the debtor to repay the liability.

Does Wowloans require a certificate from the employer?

No. The company does not require any documents from the workplace and does not establish contact with the employer.

How long does it take for an online loan at Wowloans?

Wowloans sends the borrowed amount to the borrower even 15 minutes after signing the contract. The money becomes available after the bank has posted the transfer.

Do you have to specify the purpose of a personal loan at Wowloans?

No. Wowloans does not ask questions about the purpose of the amount, and the money can be used for any purpose.

Can I take out a loan at Wowloans if I have a liability with another loan company?

Yes. Wowloans will grant you a grant as long as your income allows you to cover the liability.

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