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    As you send your loan request, the lender will process it in no time with no hard credit checks, no faxing of documents, no extra paperwork.

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    Quick funding on the same day

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    You repay the loan with a fixed interest rate. There’re no extra charges or fees.

The offer including installment loans is one of the most convenient forms of access to additional funds that are offered by non-bank loan companies. The basis for obtaining such an online installment loan is having a valid and up-to-date ID card, i.e. an identity document that certifies American citizenship and your age. In order to obtain an installment loan online, it is usually enough to scan an ID card or provide the information contained therein.

With online installment loans, you can get from $1,000 to $5,000 for a period up to 36 months.

Online installment loans – what does it look like?

Very often, online installment loans are also considered to be loans without credit check. This is because they can be obtained much easier than any bank loan. Thus, they are really quick cash, which we gain without cumbersome formalities and unnecessary paperwork.

WowLoans Installment Loans Advantages

Here are the biggest advantages of WowLoans installment loans, which significantly distinguish this company from others:

  • The best conditions on the market

Wowloans is a leader on the internet loan market in the US. WowLoans offers convenient options to take out a loan and favorable repayment conditions.

  • High loan granting

A modern scoring system allows you to quickly and effectively assess the financial capacity of the borrower. So you don’t have to worry about your application being rejected by mistake.

  • The entire process is online

All steps – starting with registration and submitting an application, and ending with granting a loan – run online on our website or in the mobile application.

In fact, one could mention many more advantages of WowLoans. However, the speed of granting loans and high granting are the greatest strengths. Thanks to them, absolutely everyone can benefit from reliable financial support. As WowLoans’ client, you always have a cash injection at your fingertips, so you do not have to worry about unforeseen financial problems and you can feel completely safe.

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Who qualifies for online installment loans?

An online installment loan is available to people who are 18 years old and have American citizenship. It is extremely important here that the ID card is up-to-date. The validity of the ID card is also evidenced by its physical condition, which must allow the information contained on it to be read. The compliance of the image placed on it with your current appearance is also important in the verification of identity.

In the event of damage to the ID card, change of the place of residence or name (e.g. during the change of marital status), the ID card should be replaced. And if it is lost or stolen, you must immediately report this fact to law enforcement authorities and obtain a new identity document. In addition, taking advantage of an installment loan offer also includes the need to have your own bank account, mobile phone and internet mailbox.

Online Installment loans – how much can you get?

Installment loans from Wowloans are an extremely attractive offer that allows you to obtain high loan amounts for a surprisingly long time. Wowloans offers loans of up to $5,000 with a repayment period of up to 36 months. The minimum amount of the installment loan is $1,000. A preferential loan repayment period allows you to safely use additional funds and easily return your installment loan on time.

How to get a quick installment loan online with bad credit?

  • Registration

Make a quick registration by providing basic personal and financial details.

  • Submission of the application

Select the loan amount and repayment period, then press “Take your loan”.

  • Receive money

The money can be in your account within 15 minutes.

As you can see – the borrowing process is not complicated. It is also worth remembering that you only need to register once. Each time the loan application process will be even faster and more convenient. After logging into your account, all you need to do is select the desired amount and loan period. The transfer will be done literally in the blink of an eye.

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Some tips on using installment loans

So that your experience in using online loans is positive, you need to remember some key rules.

  1. Choose a loan company you trust

Make a comprehensive and multi-faceted analysis of the non-bank loans market, read the opinions of clients of various companies.

  1. Analyze your own financial abilities

Determine your own income and expenses during the month, make sure that the amount of income is higher, and thus – you will be able to cover the cost of the loan.

  1. Find the optimal amount and duration of the loan

The loan amount should fully meet your needs, and at the same time it cannot be higher than you will be able to repay within the specified period.

When is it worth using an installment loan?

A non-bank loan is the most appropriate solution for customers who: decide to take out a larger amount of money, have a difficult life period, plan larger purchases or renovations, have lost a permanent source of income.

What is the best time to take out a loan?

It all depends on your individual needs and preferences. If you think that you will be able to pay off your liability in less than 36 months, it is worth trying to apply for a shorter deadline to avoid additional costs. However, if you have any doubts and are not sure whether you will be able to return the money during this time, it is better to take out a loan for a longer period.

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Online Installment Loan Alternatives

Online loans for bad credit are available in numerous offers, not only Installment Loans. You can choose other amounts, terms, types of secured or unsecured financing, etc. Compare the best loan options with WowLoans online: